Delta corner
Delta corner
  • 8 KW
  • Automated air flow
  • Extern Air
  • Two point door lock
  • Corner design
  • Soapstone cover
  • Window aircleaning system
  • Cast iron grade
  • Vermiculite firebox
  • Flue connection top/rear: 150 mm
  • H x W x D: 1232x622x524 mm
  • Fuel: wood, lignite
Extern Air
With Extern Air flue connection
Automated air flow
Optimal air flow
Optimal and efficient combustion
Triple air flow
Heat storage
Ceramic or stove cover
Cleaning Air
With window cleaning air
Double casing
Stable and massive body
Allowed fuel
Continouos use
For continouos use
Brown coal
Allowed fuel
Corner design
Certification 1.+2.Stufe 1.BImSchV, CE, 15aB-VG, VKF
Heat output (kW) 8
Min-max heat output (kW) 4,0-8,2
Heat capacity (m3) 182
Flue connection back,top (mm) 150
Flue gas quantity (g/s) 7,6
Flue gas temperature (C) 260
Air needs Pa 12
Size H x W x D (mm) 1232x622x524
Fuel wood, lignite
Window size H x W (mm) 420x400
Firebox size W x D x H (mm) 430x240x450
Net weight (kg) 180
Instruction manual (Delta)
125144_TYP10880_DELTA_11_2013_v5.pdf   3,10M   (2016.09.06.)
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