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General Information
The products that have been manufactured by Wamsler SE, have manufacturer’s warranty on them. The terms of the warranty are included in the enclosed Warranty Card. The insurance service background has a nationwide service network, as well as several thousand pieces of inventory of spare parts in the warehouse ensured.
When handling complaint cases, the following rules must be observed:
  • 151/2003. (IX. 22.). Government Regulation about binding guarantees for certain durable consumer goods
  • 19/2014. (IV. 29.) NGM Regulation about a contract between the consumer and an enterprise, and warranty claims on sold things stewardship of the rules of procedure
  • 1997 CLV. Law on Consumer Protection
  • Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code
Warranty policy
  • The manufacturer has a 1-year manufacturer's warranty after the date of purchase of the manufactured devices in Hungary. The warranty covers the impeccable quality of the materials fit for purpose, professional assembly, and a safe operation.
  • Fault glass, enamel and painted errors, mechanical damage, and other deficiencies within the warranty period are only accepted if the purchased item is notified to Customer Service within 14 days after their purchase of the device.
  • The warranty does not apply to the defects that are caused by improper use of the device, which is the cause of not following the proper use, which is in the instructions. These are the following errors:
  • Smoke, inadequate heat dissipation - Use of improper chimney, or irregular flue connections, clogging smoke flights, use more than the recommended moisture content of firewood can result in an improper performance of election.
  • Combustion chamber deposits damage – Our products combustion chamber has fireproof fireclay or refractory lined vermeculite materials. They can only be damaged by mechanical effects or improper use: overheating; eg. When operating it with the ash door open, you are not permitted to use overly large extent of fuel or even use of more than the amount of fuel you are permitted.
  • Glass Break - The heat does not damage the glass, but damage may occur during physical damage (incorrect delivery, door slamming, oversized fuels etc).
  • Grill or any combustion chamber element damage - Overheating (eg. operating it with the ash door open), or non-permitted fuels can cause it.
  • In case of central heating, thermo-equipments warranty conditions the commissioning for installation must be done by a buliding engeneer, which be verified on the warranty card.
The exclusion criteria for the warranty claim:
  • In every case, ask for advice on the adequacy of the chimney before operating the appliance! For inadequate flue irregularity (unit emits smoke, or combustion is not perfect) we can’t take responsibility for such errors, because the warranty does not cover it.
  • The warranty does not cover natural disasters, as well as damages resulting from improper storage or transport.
  • The warranty is void if a person performs any repair work, without the permission of the manufacturer. The exception is if repairs do not require expertise and the owner can do the repairs with the manufacturers permission, with the parts sent by the manufacturer
  • If the consumer does detect the fault and the fault is admitted at the moment of purchase, the person who got a discount due to an error in the equipment, that error does is excluded from the warranty claim.
  • In every case before your purchase, ask for information about the equipements technical data (performance, efficiency, fuel capacity, connection conditions, etc.). Ask the seller for the devices owner's manual and if possible, read the device's data, and the section relating to the conditions of operation carefully. Wamsler SE cannot take responsibility for the irregularity resulting from the improper selection.
  • At the purchase, always ask your dealer for a warranty card, that is accurate with orderly completion and proof of purchase, and carefully preserve them!
  • Keep in mind that the first essential condition for ideal operation of the stove, fireplace is that the fireplace chimney is correct! If possible, before the purchase, but in any case before the installation ask for an advisory opinion from the chimney sweep of the chimney you want to use. When the chimney is attached, and a solid-operated device is placed, the assigned local chimney sweep must give his or her company a report about it. The chimney, which operates the fireplace, must have a valid chimney sweep certificate, and an expert opinion.
  • To ensure the longevity of the parts, please follow the instructions of the Instruction Manual!
Reporting an Error
During the warranty period if an error occurred, or you complaint, you can notify it at point of the purchase or in writing to the customer service of Wamsler SE. To make sure your complaint will be smoothly settled at the reporting date, please enter the following data:
  • Device type (possibly identification number)
  • Serial Number
  • A brief description of problem (name of defective parts)
  • Number of heated space, floor area
  • Chimney diameter, height
  • Consumer information (name, address, phone number)
  • The need to be enforced (repairs, providing spare parts free of charge)
When reporting to the place of purchase, the seller must report the claims, and the consumer will get a copy of it. The dealer takes care of the transmission of the complaint to the customer service of Wamsler Se.
Please report your complaint to Wamsler SE customer service in writing (letter, fax, e-mail). Copies of the following documents shall accompany the declaration:
  • A valid warranty card (In case of a thermo-device, there must be a verification of a water pressure commissioning by a technician)
  • Proof of purchase (receipt)
Please send the notification to one of the following addresses:

Wamsler SE Háztartástechnikai Európai Részvénytársaság
Address: 3100 Salgótarján, Pf.: 86.
Fax: +36-32/314-777
E-mail: service(at)

Of course, it is possible to have a phone consultation or to request information. Our staff at customer service is at your disposal, when you install our products, if you need information about the usage, if you have any questions about technical data, or in relation to any questions or if you wish to use our help.

Phone Number: +36-32/311-213; +36-32/423-370
1. Send Parts
Within the warranty period, in the case of a legitimate complaint, if the consumer requests free of charge to the provision of defective parts, we can help the postal mail order sent to the address given in the shortest possible time.
2. Examination and repair of units
In case of requesting an investigation of failure and you require the interference of the service, our colleague will call you as soon as possible after the report to coordinate the date of delivery. The fixed wired or heavier than 10 kg, or can’t transport it as hand luggage on public transport, the consumer good must be fixed at the place of operation.
3. Replacing the device
Following the current regulations, if the products have a defect and is detected and reported within the first 72 hours after purchase, the distributor is obligated to replace the defective device. The exchange applies only if the failure of the products occurred during proper use. It does not apply to the complaint where the device had improper transportation or storage, or improper set-up, or the chimney is incorrectly connected. The complaint legitimacy will always be examined by the engineer at the operation of the device in place. If the application is legitimate based on the service investigation, the manufacturer will undertake the transportation of the removed defective product and the replacement of the appliance delivered to your home. The unit will be replaced in cases where the defect cannot be repaired at the location.
Complaints arising from other than the fault of the device
The complaints that are poorly thought-out and used unprofessional selection by improper installation, lack of operating conditions, as well as not using the User Manual correctly will not be accepted!
If thermo equipments have waterside deployment errors, or improper and unprofessional set-up or operations, we are not responsible. In case of central heating thermo-fireplaces for the heating system deployment, the unit waterside wiring, only a HVAC technician may carry out commissioning! In case the investigation of the manufacturer out that the reported complaint is unfounded or the problem is not the fault of the device due to eg.:
  • the device is not used for its intended purpose, as described in the instructions of the users manual are not followed,
  • the device is not used in the given technical data on the size and is used to heat a different sized room,
  • the quality and technical specifications of the chimney, as well as the connection method does not comply with the users manual,
  • a not prescribed type and quality of fuel is used,
  • the fault of improper selection or improper execution of the device occurs
The applicant is required to pay the service charge on site to the service technician, who gives a receipt. In case of unjustified use of the service the receipt service fee: 8000 Ft / case, which includes the taxes and includes the cost of the investigation and disembarking.
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