1894 Tradesmen and pawnshop owners Antal Keszler, Béla Böhm and Miksa Bauer obtain their permit to build a factory and iron foundry where stoves, ovens and rail blocks can be cast.

1898 The factory undergoes a merger with Hirsch and Frank unlimited liability company, and Hirsch and Frank Budapest-Salgótarján company is established.

1917 The Hungarian Commercial Bank acquires the majority of shares in the factory.

1922 The company makes enamelled stoves, ovens, and cast iron pots. On 5 April its name was changed to Budapest-Salgótarján Machine Factory and Iron Foundry Stock Company.

1949 Following its nationalization, the factory separated from its Budapest counterpart and became known as the Salgótarján Iron Foundry and Stove Factory.

1959 Under the name of LAMPART ZIM, the company begins its gas stove production in Salgótarján.

1981 After regaining its independence, it operates as Salgótarján Iron Foundry and Stove Factory Public Company.

1992 Following its privatization, the Munich based WAMSLER GmbH formed SVT WAMSLER Co. The majority share owner being the Hungarian State Property Agency.

1994 The Hungarian State Property Agency sells its share to the consortium of management and employees, operating the company in this manner from this point onwards.

1995 The company buys Mine Machinery. The new company’s main activity is manufacturing accessories and freplaces.

1997 The group purchases Fűtőber factory in Nagybátony.

2000 The SVT-WAMSLER Holding Co. operates in the framework of a new system. Its departments comprise of Tűzhelygyár Ltd., Vasöntöde Ltd., Iparfém Ltd., and Mátrafűtőbér Ltd.

2001 The German, Munich-based WAMSLER GmbH purchases the group.

2004 The Manufacturer Ltd.-s undergo a merger (except for Mátrafűtőbér Ltd.) and operate as one company from this point onwards.

2005 The major part of the group was bought by a Hungarian group of investors.

2006 In accordance with a directorial statute the company’s name was changed to SVT-WAMSLER Zrt.

2008 The company’s name is WAMSLER SE Household Equipment European Company
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