The company
During the past century fuel technology has become an integrated part of the technological culture of the Salgótarján factory, and at the same time it laid the foundation for the manufacture of fireplaces which has by now created a cult. Today WAMSLER SE is regarded as Europe’s biggest freplace manufacturer. The popularity of the appliances are guaranteed by the accummulated manufacturing experience over more than 110 years, the modern manufacture control and technological systems as well as the application of the strict quality assurance procedures.

Keeping true to our motto: „renewal from tradition” inspired by more than 110 years of experience, the purpose of our development is to develop technologies pointing toward the future. Taking into account the resource depletion of the Earth and the climate change is how we develop our appliances, which provide an environmentconscious solution with their CO neutralizing heating technology both for our environment as well as future generations. The success of our company is not only supported by our economic indicators, but also by the satisfaction of our customers. The bases of this are such kind of motivated employees who are able to identify with the purposes of our company. With this company philosophy we would like to provide solutions to problems which will arise in the future, to meet expectations and to increase the values of our company inaccordance with our principles.
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