Data security
Data security
Under voluntary reporting, Wamsler SE will keep personal information that was made available, confidentially and exclusively, to identify individual customers and to fulfill the contract to the necessary extent for a successful performance of electronic commerce services, as well as certain aspects of information on society services in respects to the 2001. CVIII. Law 13 / A. (as defined in § treats, is handled and used accordingly).

When handling data, your personal data and public data will be protected at all times under LXIII of 1992 (Data Protection Act) with provisions proceeding accordingly.

All articles, photos appearing on our website are protected by copyright. All rights reserved. We assume no liability for they're being correct, functional and up to date. All liability for direct or indirect damage from use is excluded. This also includes loss of data and lost profit. Reproductions of any kind only with the written consent of Wamsler SE.
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How do I remove / disable cookies?
However, it is really important to use cookies for our websites as they designate websites to facilitate usability and processes. When preventing the use of cookies or deleting cookies in applications, users will not be able to use our website functions completely, and won’t allow the site to function as intended in your browser.

Usually, the cookie related settings could be found in the browsers’ "Options" menu. The following link will help to find out more about the cookie settings, as well as additional information for various browsers can be found under the “Help” menu.

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