Montafon ceramic beige
Montafon ceramic beige
  • 7 kW
  • Double walled construction - black
  • Cast iron door
  • Ceramic cover
  • Window aircleaning system
  • Cast iron grade
  • Fireclay firebox
  • Flue connection top: 120 mm
  • H x W x D: 950x715x436 mm
  • For continouos use
  • Fuel: wood
Heat storage
Ceramic or stove cover
Cleaning Air
With window cleaning air
Double casing
Stable and massive body
Allowed fuel
Continouos use
For continouos use
Certification 1.+2.Stufe 1.BImSchV, CE, 15aB-VG, VKF
Heat output (kW) 7
Min-max heat output (kW) 3,5-7,1
Heat capacity (m3) 148
Flue gas quantity (g/s) 6,9
Flue gas temperature (C) 270
Air needs Pa 12
Size H x W x D (mm) 950x715x436
Fuel wood
Window size H x W (mm) 300x278
Firebox size W x D x H (mm) 390x290x300
Net weight (kg) 124
Instruction manual (Primo-Montafon)
128497_10870_71_Primo_10_2015v9_DE_EN_FR_IT_HU.pdf   3,05M   (2016.09.06.)
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