W1-75 stainless steel
W1-75 stainless steel
Solid Fuel Cookers
  • 8 kW
  • Automated air flow
  • Extern Air
  • Hot Spot
  • Window aircleaning system
  • Hand rail
  • Stainless steel case
  • Cast iron grade
  • Fuel switch
  • Fireclay firebox
  • Flue connection left or right - top/rear: 120 mm
  • H x W x D: 850/900 x 750 x 600 mm
  • Fuel: wood, lignite
Extern Air
With Extern Air flue connection
Automated air flow
Optimal air flow
Optimal and efficient combustion
Triple air flow
Cleaning Air
With window cleaning air
Double casing
Stable and massive body
Allowed fuel
Brown coal
Allowed fuel
Long combustion
Over 12 hour burning time
Certification 1.+2.Stufe 1.BImSchV, CE, 15aB-VG, VKF
Heat output (kW) 8
Min-max heat output (kW) 3,8-7,9
Flue gas quantity (g/s) 12,2
Flue gas temperature (C) 249
Air needs Pa 12
Size H x W x D (mm) 850/900x750x600
Fuel wood, lignite
Net weight (kg) 171
Instruction manual (W1-75)
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